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Mobile Retail Solutions

Engage Your Customer Anywhere

Verifone GlobalBay<br>Mobile Retail Solutions

Enhance Customer Experience

Engage customers with personalised interaction and additional point-of-sale options. Provide added convenience without adding additional sales staff.

Increase Sales

Increase units per transaction with the ability to offer complementary products. Increase transaction volume with mPOS by being wherever the customer is.

Manage Inventory

Enable real-time visibility to inventory across your enterprise. Wirelessly manage inventory and even pricing.

Mobile Retail Components

mPOS: Accept Payment Anywhere

InnovateEnhance operational efficiency and show customers your dedication to innovation, too.
Never Miss a SaleForget walk-outs during busy times or missed sales due to “cash-only” remote events.
Pop-Up StoresMove beyond the four walls. Capture sales at outdoor promotions and at remote events.
Anywhere TransactionsWherever the customer is ready to check out, you’re ready to securely accept payment.

iPad Retailing: Increasing Sales

EntertainDeliver product or service videos or promotional announcements to enhance sales.
Save the SaleMultichannel sales tool – bring eCommerce into the store.
InteractAdd a touch point and scale interactions with customers without adding sales staff.
CaptureEnroll customers in loyalty and credit card programs right from anywhere in the store.

Clienteling: Enhance Customer Experience

Engage CustomersWow customers by providing an innovative, personalised and efficient experience.
Cross-Sell and UpsellMerchandising made easy when inventory can be compared to customer history, likes and sizes – all at your fingertips.
Stay ConnectedManage tasks, customer outreach – enhancing customer interaction and incorporating social media

mInventory: Endless Aisles and Management Tools

SeeReal-time visibility to inventory across your enterprise provides an endless aisle.
SaveProvide more efficient inventory management processes to sales staff.
ManageReceive, transfer inventory, count or mark down right from an iPad application.
Endless AislesMaximise sales and product availability without maximising in-store inventory.